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Circle blanking line

Six layeres type staightenerhigh rigid mechanical pressadvanced stack system.

Technical characteristics

1Reduce working procedure:since it can be blanked the whole width of the stripthis is possible to reduce working procedure,such as slitting the coil or cutting to length,which are usually applied in the disk production and represent both further costs and the possibility of damaging the coil surface.

2Scrap reduction :to use the whole width of the coilreducing to the minimum the distances between disc to disc to the strip edgeswith a consequmentreduction of the scrap quantity.

3High output:work speed can reach 40-90spm.

4Flexiblity:when changing the production size(diameter).all the components affected by the set up timessuchs as:thedie change unitthe stacking unit and the decoilerhave been designed with the purpose of reducing these times at the minimum.without any change or modification.besidesthe diameters range from 90mm to max.of 660mm.