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Laser blanking line

Laser Blanking Production Line

We startet to develop the new type of laser blanking machine in 2011, and got three national patents, one invention patent which declared the patent protection of EU and the USA.

Laser machine feature:

1. Low equipment investment: has lower quality, lower energy consumption, and does not require complex equipment foundations, greatly reducing the initial investment and later maintenance costs.

2. High output efficiency:uses coils for blank production, replacing the production process of slicing coils first and then cutting them on the equipment, improving production efficiency.

3. High flexibility: No need to manufacture molds, advanced layout software and control system are used, and product specifications and shapes can be quickly converted, making it suitable for various batch production.

4. Low maintenance cost: using fiber laser cutters for reliable performance; At the same time, laser cutting speed is fast, and the cutting speed of stainless steel can reach 40 meters per minute (when the thickness is 1mm), which can quickly complete cutting and cutting.