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Steel Plate Punching&Drilling Machine

Product feature:1.The machine sets three punch die-stations, it is used for punching holes on steel plate.2.Adopt CNC technology, servo motor in feeding, with high efficiency, stable work piece precision.3.Important functional components adopt modular assembly, easy to repair it.4. 



1. The machine-frame is made by C-type plate welding, with good rigidity and big handling space.
2. The machine sets three die-stations (including one marking die-station). Machine can switch
   die-stations automatically and carry out punching, marking on the one plate.
3. Equipped with a drilling unit at the left side of machine, that can drill large size holes with high speed.
4. Clamping system can be adapted to different workpiece, with reference block, and workpiece supported by rolling-ball working table.
5. X & Y axis action controlled by servo motor and ball-screw driving and PLC, so as to make the whole machining process automatically.
6. Important functional components adopt modular assembly, easy to repair it.
7.The hydraulic station adopts double pump, single motor, water cooling system, sleeve type coupling for all pipelines.
8. Easy programming.
9. With function of self-diagnosis for failures.
10. Lighten the working strength of workers.

Technical details

Max.Size of plate (mm)1500×8002500*6003300*500
Punching force (KN)10001400
Marking force (KN)80010001200
Max.Dia.of punch (mm)Φ26Φ30
Max. punch thickness (mm)5~255-30
Max.Dia of drill(mm)Φ50
Max. drill thickness(mm)40
Characters size(mm)14×10×19 
Quantity of character12
Dimension L×W×H (mm)3200×3000×19003500×3000×26003700×3000×2600
Weight (kg) 5420 62006500